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Ergonomics and Corporate Wellness > Provide visible leadership for health and wellbeing

Ergonomics and Corporate Wellness > Provide visible leadership for health and wellbeing


mindfulness and stress managementDuring times of change and uncertainty it is essential that we can manage our stress. In times of stress it can be difficult to make clear decisions and deliver against high expectations.

How would it feel to know you had the tools to be in control of your behaviours? Identifying the signs and symptoms of stress in yourself and others can be key to keeping a clear perspective, so we don’t move into panic mode.

Get an introduction to practical Mindfulness techniques to help manage stress.




  • resilience workshopDevelop coping strategies
  • Recognise the pain points in the working environment and how to reframe them positively
  • State management and managing external situations
  • Understand the impact our thoughts have on our outcomes





managing challenging conversationsWho do we communicate for? Often we forget that the answer is ‘for the other person’ and we often find ourselves wondering why the other person really isn’t understanding what we are saying.


This workshop offers various tools to approach and handle challenging conversations. Using a highly effective ‘Clearing Model’ will help give you a structure to follow so we can learn to speak directly to one another. It also enables individuals to separate fact from story (often the hardest thing to do!)






business leadership coachingUsing a variety of coaching techniques (including Neuro Linguistic Programming) Our approach is instinctive and adapts according to the client. Everyone has their own model of the world, so no two clients are ever the same. A discovery phone call is expected so that coach and client are able to contract and share expectations. These coaching sessions can either be carried out face to face or via skype. The sessions are 60-90 minutes in length





values workshopThis one day workshop is aimed at the WHOLE company or department all in one room. What are your core values and how do these filter through the business? Do you have core values? Do you adhere to them? Do they even resonate with you?

This highly interactive, open and thought provoking workshop is a fantastic way to bring a company together, giving each person an opportunity to have a voice and to share their ideas and feelings.


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