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Need a Corporate Health Plan?

Need a Corporate Health Plan?

If you are unable to answer any of these questions then you should be looking at a Corporate Health Plan.


  1. Do you know how much sickness and absence is costing your business each year?
  2. How much operational time is lost to off-site NHS appointments?
  3. Can you quantify how these costs are impacting productivity and performance?
  4. Are you able to identify common factors contributing to absence?
  5. Can you identify individual employees that could most benefit from support?
  6. Are you supporting them?
  7. Are you – and your employees – deriving optimal value from your private medical insurance?
  8. Does corporate wellness feature in your employee engagement strategies?
  9. Could occupational physiotherapy enhance company culture by providing an additional employee benefit?
  10. Do you know the individual costs of long-term absence in senior managers and highly-paid staff?

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