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As occupational health specialists, James Corporate Health are providers of independent and impartial advice to employers and employees on the effects of work on health and the effects of health on work.

We offer a wide scope of services including scheduled on-site satellite clinics at your business premises, emergency appointments at work or at home, convenient on-site physiotherapy and home based treatments to support the long-term absent or immobile.
We can help educate your organisation and in turn enhance the morale of your staff and drive down the astronomical costs as a result of absenteeism.

Our aim it to manage and monitor absenteeism. Let us help you to determine how to manage a capability issue with our innovative and expert solutions.

We can offer unparalleled expert supervision to assist you in managing absence situations, both short and long term. We specialise is stress management and making the necessary alterations to achieve greater emotional and physical health.
As a team we have a strong commitment to controlling and managing absence situations.

We focus heavily on ERGONOMICS – so essentially about ‘fitting work to people’, i.e. helping your business to design and arrange the workplace and systems to fit the people who use them. 

It is not something that any organisation wishes to dwell on, however, the opinion of an occupational health specialist could be crucial as key evidence in a claim to an employment tribunal.

Perhaps there is a medical issue your business may require that we have not mentioned thus far? Please feel free to contact us and we will offer you the best possible advice to meet your company’s occupational health needs.


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