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Ergonomics and Corporate Wellness > Equipment Recommendation and Processing

Ergonomics and Corporate Wellness > Equipment Recommendation and Processing

Equipment Recommendation and Processing

Following the pertinent intervention method, it may be applicable for replacement or specific equipment to be ordered to suit the needs of the individual.

If the current equipment provided does not meet the DSE regulations then the employee will be immediately directed to facilities management to address the faulty aspects of the workstation. EJP are trained to identify and analyse equipment based on these regulations.

This process ensures that employees only receive new equipment or reasonable adjustments based on the function of their work station and prevents unnecessary expenditure.

For individuals who have a functional but impractical workstation based on their height (>5ft - <6ft 4’) they are eligible for workstation adjustments as the standard equipment will not match their needs. EJP are responsible for identifying and auctioning this remit of employees. Intervention methods are as follows;


  • equipment recommendation and processingHeight specific desk chair
  • Desk height alterations
  • Variable height desks

Our preferred provider is The Senator Group, they provide a high quality and variance of DSE equipment which meets the needs of the entire population.

Once a need has been identified, prescriptions are produced to document the outstanding issue and resolution, complete with specific stock items. Emma James Physiotherapy will then oversee the process of liaising with the moves and logistics team from the ordering to installation of the recommended adjustments. Following installation, a follow up contact session will be arranged to ensure the individual is content with their new equipment.


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