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Ergonomics and Corporate Wellness > Desk Assessment

Ergonomics and Corporate Wellness > Desk Assessment

Light Touch Desk Assessment

These visits will be flagged up as a result of Cardinus risk assessment issues that cannot be rectified remotely or via phone triage.


They will be identified off site and then triaged to our onsite ergonomics advisors who will carry out the short-term visits. These will be for simple tasks such as adjusting a chair.


The aim is to trouble-shoot and prevent escalation to a full DSE assessment. Possible interventions as a results of light touch desk assessment are as follows;


  • Revision of the 7 coaching steps and further education
  • Recommending reasonable adjustment equipment if required
  • Referring to facilities management if faulty equipment is identified
  • Wellbeing advice and tips including information on services available
  • Recommendation of specific equipment (desk/chairs) based on departmental needs

We can also assist in further assistance for employees under the care of occupational health or disability services, whom require physical visits for further education or assistance.



Full DSE Assessment

full dse assessment
A full DSE assessment consists of a comprehensive investigation of an individual’s work station(s), working behaviours, mental wellbeing and overall environmental status.


This process is implemented as the final intervention method in the EJP framework or can also be completed if there are circumstances by where it is most suitable to the officer’s immediate needs.

The assessment begins by building a rapport with the employee, this provides them with a sense of care and not feel the process is merely a formality. A DSE assessment is designed to identify hazards and reduce risk from said hazards, whilst providing the user with the information and intervention they require. A full DSE assessment can take up to one hour to complete.

The initial part of the assessment is to identify the individuals working environment – equipment used, volume of use and intensity of working tasks.

The assessor will then complete a throughout assessment of the work station, inclusive of;


  • Chair and functions available
  • Size of work station
  • Comfortability of work station
  • Work station surfaces causing glare
  • Keyboard quality, position and stability
  • Mouse position, quality and stability
  • Display screen quality, position, working function and glare
  • Software suitability and requirements
  • Environment; room available, lighting, air quality, heat, noise levels

The assessment will conclude by ensuring that any additional areas of concern that were not included are addressed appropriately.

Following this, all necessary actions that can be completed immediately after the assessment i.e adjustments to equipment or behaviours will be actioned. A full report and action log will also be documented and implemented. A periodic review will be arranged until the identified issues have been resolved.  This ensures employees are maintaining the recommendations to their work station and to follow up on any further equipment orders or onwards referral.

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