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Ergonomics and Corporate Wellness > Coaching

Using the Du Point method of wellbeing coaching and changing of behaviours, we have devised a seven-step approach to ergonomics coaching and behavioral change. This allows us to make contact with large number of staff over a long term time period with the aim of embedding positive behavioural changes.

Below are the seven principles we are working on to encourage staff to be interactive with their environment and to empower them to make changes themselves.

Seven steps of well- being coaching and changing behaviours:


  1. Chair: How to adjust and utilise their chair to fit their posture and how to sit correctly
  2. Screen: Adjusting the screen to individual needs
  3. Set Your Legs / Arms: Postural correction
  4. Take a Break / go for a walk : Positive behavioural changes
  5. Stretch: Positive behavioural changes
  6. Meditate – (Headspace app)
  7. Role Model: Helping someone else and working together

Conversations are kept short with a focus on suggesting just “one action” for colleagues to try to do. We then come back to departments for a total of 6 sessions spaced two weeks apart, totaling 12 weeks in contact time.

When we are not present we encourage colleagues in the Department to discuss good practice with each other – where the goal is to share the various bits of advice our team has discussed locally. By increasing intra-departmental knowledge and engagement – by the end of the coaching cycle, we aim for the department to have developed to a stage by where a significant proportion are role models and can continue to spread the values delivered throughout the coaching cycle.

With time, good ergonomic practice will become the new norms and part of our common working practice.

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