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Ergonomics and Corporate Wellness > Cardinus Administration

Ergonomics and Corporate Wellness > Cardinus Administration

Cardinus is a leading health and safety risk management software programme. It functions on a self-completion basis in a digital format; ensuring an environmentally friendly process, whilst being easily accessible and operational for staff and administrators. DSE regulations state employees must have an up to date risk assessment for each work station during their employment, with updates to these also recommended every 3 years.

To ensure this process is a formality and not a secondary requirement – we have strived to ensure completion of Cardinus is a fundamental component of new employee’s inductions, this will also act as the first step of monitoring an employee’s wellbeing. By completing the risk assessment, the officer will have each section of their wellbeing and working environment evaluated and scored on a scale of risk.


Green = No Risk

Amber = Moderate Risk

Red = High Risk

Upon completion, the officer will be sent a user action report (UAR) which details their risk areas and provides tasks to complete which will enable them to reduce their risk. Once the officer has successfully completed the task, they document this on Cardinus and as a result their risk will be reduced.


EJP oversee the monitoring of all documented risk assessments with the follow intervention processes;


  • Reminder to complete UAR: x2 contacts over 12 weeks = Reduction of Risk OR
  • For Officers with multiple areas of moderate and/or high risk the following process is applicable
  • Telephone triage = Reduction of Risk OR
  • Light touch desk assessment = Reduction of Risk OR
  • Full DSE assessment = Reduction of Risk OR
  • Onward referral to occupational health/disability services or alternative medical specialist
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