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Our Services

Our Services

On site /mobile physio clinics and all associated services

In order to minimise any disruption to your staff and their working day, James Corporate Health can offer flexible on site and mobile physio clinics run by qualified health professionals to undertake every kind of health surveillance. By being on site at your business we are able to witness and observe first-hand exactly how the day to day running of your working environment operates and will enable us to tackle specific problems on site and offer consistent advice and solutions.

Manual handling training

Aimed at employees who are tasked with lifting heavy loads on a day to day basis or regular and repetitive handling of light loads, this is a training programme to offer expert guidance and advice in a classroom environment with relevant practical demonstrations. We offer safe and effective solutions for correct manual handling techniques including posture, problem solving and the safe system of work plans to teach and assist your workforce in the prevention of and reoccurrence of injuries.


Health and resilience lectures

Let us help your business to reduce the risk of workplace injuries and in turn the cost to your business by providing health and resilience lectures covering a whole range of issues and delivered by our team of occupational health experts. By working together, we can teach employers how to protect the health and safety of their staff in the workplace with safe and effective solutions to reduce absenteeism, reduce injuries and ultimately reduce claims and the cost to your business.


Dedicated help line for HR

When an injury or reported condition occurs in the workplace it is essential to act fast before the situation escalates. JCH can offer an instant and efficient telephone help line to your HR department who will receive immediate access to a team of occupational physiotherapists and specialists. By providing guidance and support over the telephone, we will enable you to diagnose employees and help you on your way to devising an appropriate plan of required treatment.

Expert medical examinations

Our dedicated team of health professionals at JCH are trained and fully equipped to carry out thorough personal medical examinations to all of your employees. During each private consultation a range of tests will be carried out to test and measure each individual including their weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, urinalysis and vision screening and also to offer advice and support on general health and wellbeing issues.


Pre-employment assessments

Once a conditional job offer has been made to a potential employee, James Corporate Health can provide a bespoke pre-employment health assessment to include a general Health Questionnaire for each employee to complete, a subsequent Health interview followed by a Physical Examination and Health Surveillance plan. Rest assured that all health questionnaires are dealt with in the upmost of confidence and are screened by dedicated and expert occupational health professionals.

Pro-active annual health screening for employees

Your employees are your most important asset therefore it makes financial sense to help keep them healthy and productive. Rather like a physical MOT or lifestyle assessment, our annual health screening service is based around an individual assessment for each employee to try and identify any factors that could possibly lead to injury such as poor posture, limited core strength, lack of movement and flexibility or coordination issues. Our team at James Corporate Health can offer expert advice to each member of your workforce and help them to identify potential risk factors for future poor health and which areas they need to focus on in order to optimise wellbeing.


Flu jabs

Seasonal flu can be highly contagious and this is most prevalant in the workplace, particularly in an office environment. To improve employee health and wellbeing, JCH are able to provide on site flu vaccinations to minimise the chances of the flu epidemic spreading throughout the workforce. By taking this preventative measure as a business owner you will be undertaking the most cost effective method of protecting your staff and business from the annual on-set of flu.


Ergonomic assessments

Our knowledgeable team of ergonomists and occupational physiotherapists have developed a range of proactive assessments to emphasise the huge importance of movement and ergonomics in the workplace. Our assessments can be tailored to your specific working environment to offer help and advice to the safety and wellbeing of your workforce. 


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